If you redeem another Mini Mega Plan value before your current 30-day plan expires, any unused call credit for additional services will be rolled over to your new expiry. However, your access to 200 national standard minutes of Talk or Text and any unused data from the 200MB Data included will not rollover. You will receive a new 200MB Data inclusion from your most recent Mini Mega Plan renewal however any unused data will not accrue. Your new redeemed Mini Mega Plan recharge re-sets to 30 days. Also, your included call credit from the new plan and roll over credit (if you have any left) will take on the 30 day expiry of the new Mini Mega Plan

E.g If you have 10 days left of you Mini Mega Plan voucher and recharge with a new Mini Mega Plan voucher, you DO NOT receive 40 days expiry for your plan and services. You will reset to 30 days expiry.